Time for a chipper upgrade, what's your preference?

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I remember reading about Paul and his coneheads. Haven't seen one for sale though. Anyone ever fool with woodsman? I've seen a few here and there but I've read that their customer service was non existent even when they where still in business
My little Chipstar 6" has one horizontal feed wheel but also has a lever which will lift the entire feed wheel assembly so I can shove a full sized branch into it if the ridges on the feed wheel won't grab it and it starts to go 'bang bang, keep yo fingas out de way'. Only need to raise it enough for the ridges to grab, then let go the lever (its on the hydraulics) and down it comes to crush and feed again. The crush pressure is adjustable too...and its autofeed.
Sporty little thing

Back to the big chipper discussion ...
We have had great luck with the Bandit 1590s and 18xps, which are the same chipper they just changed models #s. They are just under 10k pounds, and can chip 20 inch stuff.
We have always gone with the John Deere engines, as they have worked great for us.
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We'll I ended up with a morbark at an auction.

Model 13 tornado 16" capacity
1260hrs Perkins 130hp all mechanical engine.
Everything works well on it, a few little maintenance things to fix.
Also going to add a winch. We'll see if morbark wants to knock me over the head. I've got all the stuff off a bandit 250 to make it work.

Desperately needs a paint job, someone did a poor job painting it black and it's wearing back thru to red. Looks like something out of a horror film.
The oversize top feed wheel is interesting
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The oversize top feed wheel is interesting
Only used it on a smaller job yesterday but the big feedwheel is hungry. Chipped a couple smaller trees whole without having to cut any crotches. Would have been much more cutting up to feed the old bandit 200. I really want to stuff it with the trackhoe and see how it does.