This Just Don't Seem Right.


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Mar 6, 2005
Breast feeding at eight. :what:

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I'll bet the kid was huge. Too many nutrients for a child that age.
8 years old?

Thats not right. 8 is far beyond what a child needs to create natural defenses against disease and for nutrition.

The lady needs therapy. Or maybe a pimp could get her work servicing even older people if she likes it so much.
I nursed both my kids til they were a few days over a year.....for us, it seemed just about right. It's got to be one of the best things about 'motherhood'. MAKES you slow down and bond with your baby.

Best thing for the baby, even if the new mom only does it for the first few weeks. And..............NO BOTTLES TO WASH!!!!! :D
Our kiddo was breast fed for two years, and mother and daughter just seemed to move on from it. I think it's a plus espescially for the first while.
Heck Frans, lots of critters will drink milk if they can get if you said that humans are the only species that farm dairy cows, I'd go along with that.:D
o.k. O.K.! Slammed once again for not being precise. Jeeez :)

Well, you wordsmiths, here ya go:

Humans are the ONLY animals that drink milk after they are weaned. Other animals, being omnivores, will glorp just about what ever they can get their skanky snouts around and what will allow itself to be jammed down their throats.

Got it! GOOD
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