Things in your yard - what did you see?

Gigi, dont look!! :D

we get the odd raccoon, black or grey squirrel, a few different birds (stellar jays, varied thrush, chikadee-dee-dees and robins) and the neighbors cat. :)
Too skinny for a black rat snake, must be a racer... they are not nice. If you screw with'em they strike aggressively and will give you a nasty infection if they connect.

Cool snakes though.
Yup, looks like a black racer. The ones I usually see are about 3', but that one looked to be about 5'. I saw one outside my back door a few months ago that was about 4'. They seem to be quite shy and will avoid you if at all possible. If you want it to go away then just go down there making lots of noise as you approach, and make sure there's lots of clear getaway room for him. Mine disappears under the overgrown azalea bushes along the back of my house.
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I just want it to GO AWAY and still eating my baby birds
We have these,, lot's and lot's of these....


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I just saw three hispanic kids jump a white kid for his ipod in front of my house. Heard the commotion and got outside in time to see homeboy dishing out some punishment on the three little pukes. He got his ipod back and had some scraped up knuckles, the three losers took off running when I showed up.
snakes are good.......suzy is free range now......mice killin' machine in my shop:D
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suzy is stealth for mice right now though, so I guess she is doin' her job:D
No snakes here lately....but saw a ground hog prance across my back yard about ten feet from the house last week. My dog was laying just inside the screen door and didn't even notice thank God. (if he had, I'm sure we would have needed a new door.)
All I saw in my yard today was one ninja attack cat as it stalked its By then it was too late.
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Peapod is SO SWEET - I have her elf hats, acorn tops - on the window ledge - Can I visit again and play with her? she for sure keeps ya young
If anyone here is from Ohio and has ever been camping at Alum Creek, then you've seen the mass congretional skunk movement. You can't even walk ten feet at night without stepping over a few of these stinky foes...