The new Certified Arborists

Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
just saw the name of a treehouse member in my ISA (PNW) chapter notes as being newly certified, I think its been mentioned here already but way to go Squisher, good on you for taking the test and passing. :)

Who is next?
Normally I would have some kind of smartass comment when speaking of Squishy but not on this one.

Congratulations my friend! You're a stud with the cert. to back it.:thumbup:
Cheers with Beers Justin.

Congratulations, at least now we know you can read.

You know I'm joking I don't want you to squish me. :)
May it serve you well!

Online CEUs may be free, but the other kind are fun too.
Hmmm, so have you got to memorizing your # yet ?!?
Kudos, Squishy !
Lotsa Luv,
Did I see someone say Squisher could read? WHAT? Ha I don't believe it. Oh! way to go Squisher, congratulations!
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See Ya
I forgot my number (it's long since expired) but I think it was FL 163. I can find out for sure, I took the test with a co-worker who still has his certification and our numbers were sequential. I'll ask him the next time I see him.
Congratulations!! I was real excited when I was able to start telling customers I was a cert. arborist. Holla! From, MA-4767A.