The Movie/TV/New Releases Thread


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Mar 6, 2005
I'll start it off with this, part Mad Max, part Escape From LA, part I Am Legend. At first I thought "Meh" but then they ran into the bad guys and it got good.

Check it out, Doomsday.
not sure about that show, I would like to find a flick that me and the wife coud go to (no horror, no R rated) before she releases junior into the world.... we arent big into movies and such at the theater but I would like to take her maybe one last time to something before the big day.
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Here's a nice, peaceful movie for the two of you!

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hell the first Rambo was filmed an hour east of me in Hope, BC, thats cool beans boss, we shall see that, I betcha a sprinkle covered doughnut!

oh, that and the fact that one of the young fellas I hired on was a stepson of Mr Canada a few years ago (like 10 to 15), said that mr Stallone came in to a gym one morn to work out, saw Mr Canada doing his thing and shortly retired to the showers. Poor Mr Stallone, couldn't hack trying to be big next to someone more than 5' 6" tall... :D
John, Jeff and Lauri are going to see I am Legand with Will Smith tonight. I might go. :/: I watched a trailer today and it looks okay.
ha seems like good experience but i dont think id leave my little guy with teens for very long!
She was watching them every step of the way. They asked for folks to volunteer for that at Haley's school. We didn't do it.

Hey, my monkey keeps changing.
The Wire

A series on HBO in its fifth and final season. Hands down greatest show on TV right now. Written by an ex-cop and an ex-reporter from Baltimore Maryland. Hard to pin it down to a particular genre because every season is different, but the charactors and sub plots are intertwined. watch it if you can, you won't be sorry.........:thumbup: :thumbup:
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I've heard a lot about that. I had to give up the pay channels when I got my cable connection. $85 a month is enough, already. I miss Curb Your Enthusiasm the most.
I've heard a lot about that. I had to give up the pay channels when I got my cable connection. $85 a month is enough, already. I miss Curb Your Enthusiasm the most.

Larry David is a funny dood fo sho. Sorry to hear about the pay channels though, I'd be lost without HBO and Stern, and On demand. can you get any relief by bundling your phone, internet, and cable?
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Yeah, it's bundled, $42 for TV and $43 for an internet connection. Pay channels would be an extra $25 or more, and I would hardly even watch them anyway.
whoa. we pay about $30 for ADSL, $55 for cable including up to about channel 60 or so (the third tier package), then about $90 for our phone via a different company.
hmmm. Strange Wilderness, new movie, looks like a no brain necessary, slapstick, in your face, timely comedy. Ernest Borgnine is in it, that gives it some merit doesnt it?

I will wait for the video release but I think I will laugh my ass off the one time I watch the movie:
Strange Wilderness movie trailers

I like the trailer labelled "hiring"

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Gawddamn, that looks sweet! It seems like Morgan Freeman is in everything nowadays.
I liked the 'bend the bullet' part. that was pretty wicked! :)

and yeah, Morgan is sure a busy man! My personal fave is still shawshank redemption.