The Competition

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I know! There's just no way! I wonder if he will repair your roof, landscape, and fence "fer cheap" after he's done with the trees?
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Yeah, I bet we all have one of these schmucks to deal with. I'll probably have 3 messages on the machine tonight asking if I'll take down a tree just for the fun of it.
I mean... I always thought tree work was pretty fun. I dunno about the "fer cheap" part though.
mebbe Pergola...

I like how they "are moving from an all phase construction base to more specialized services... including... just about anything you can imagine)." Yup, sounds highly specialized to me. :roll:

Yep, I got a guy down the street that 'specializes in all types of tree work'.
ha, I have a nursery that I deal with that specializes in " cedar hedges, japanese maples, roses, shrubs, tropical, pond plants, fruit trees, shade trees, tools, fertilizers, pesticides and annuals."
near me. :)
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Did you check it out, Sean? Who it is. It's you neighborhood.

All I can tell is that it's a cell #. Craig's list is pretty anonymous. I hesitate to even call to find out who it is for fear I'll be contaminated. I should probably shut my trap though; chances are fair that it's a friend of mine. If so, there will be no end to the fun I'll have with him. :evil: