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Anyone here have any artistic abilities? On my fathers side, his three brothers made their living from either sign painting or portraits. In fact, inside the Warren Ohio Library, there is a portrait painted of Paul Warfield of the Miami Dolphins "way back when" who was born in Warren Ohio. The portrait was painted by my uncle.

Well, the art bug jumped over my father and my younger brother and older sister as well. Though I don't consider myself an artist, I do like to noodle here and there. I've only taken a few photo's of what I managed to produce throughout the years, so I figured I'd share and see who else has anything they're willing to show too...

Photo #1 and #2 was done with scratch paper. #2 was never finished,, a habit of mine,

Photo #3 and #4 were quick sketches. #3 of my cat and #4 just noodling.

Photo #5 ahd #6 were done with paint markers, toothpick and hollow metal tube for blowing wet paint. I painted both these on my Pro Audio case. Though I don't profess being a Christian, I do have respect for it's teachings and I really like Byzantine art. I have quite the collection of Byzantine art books and slides...


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My Grandfather on my Mom's side was an artist as is my Mom and all three of my sisters. But not me. I have no interest in it other than to enjoy looking at it. I hated doing that stuff in school.
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Here are a few that my daughter did when she was 4 years old. It's just simple Microsoft paint pics. She pumped out about 60 or so over a period of a few months. Even more so than the content of the art, is the balance,, which is usually what I look for in someones work....


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Woh dudes, I'm gonna have to check this thread out again a little later on a friday night when my self-prescribed meds have kicked in :D.

Impressive work by your daughter!8)
I especiallly like the last one by your daughter. Family portrait, right? :)
Some potential, but your daughter needs to study the style and composition of the master.


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Nice work by you and your daughter. I like art but and not very talented or patient enough to practice at it. I like water color painting but I need to take classes.