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Mar 7, 2005
Western Oregon
Several weeks ago, Nick made a most generous offer to me...the loan of his New Tribe Tengu saddle so that I could give that model a test ride. I've been climbing in a New Tribe Ness Work saddle for years, but was pretty sure the soft D'd on the Tengu would not work out too well for one of my most common climbing styles, that is, double lanyarding on spurs.

I feared the soft D's would not stay open enough when loaded by my weight leaning back on one lanyard for me to clip in the second lanyard as I limb-over.

I FINALLY got a chance to get up a tree in this thing.

Turns out my suspicions were true, but not to the degree I expected. It may be the smallish interior dimension is as much a problem for me as the flexibility. I also found the D's harder to clip into than a steel D due to the thickness of the material they are constructed of. Just my opinion.

On the other hand, it is light as can be, and extremely comfortable. AND the best thing is the leg straps! The amount of side to side motion available with the soft D there is far superior to my old Work model. Plus Nick has the opening leg strap option...NICE.

I am seriously considering retro-fitting my new Ness Pro-Gear with Tengu legstraps, opening ones!!

Thanks a million, Nick. I will get the saddle packed up and shipped back your way next week.
No prob burnham! I'm glad something good came of the trial. I hear what you're saying about the dees being harder to clip to just by their being thicker.

If you happen to have an extra rap rack lying around that you won't need for a couple weeks, don't be afraid to toss that in the box!

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Done, bro...it'll be in there. How about a pm with your mailing addy, to make sure I have your current?
I bought a Tengu a couple of months ago and love that saddle. I previously used a Ness Pro and like the Tengu much better.
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I'm sure you can have the steel d's sewed in. It looks very similar to the progear saddle, is the comfort level that different?

I'm sure you are correct in that, Brendon...New Tribe is all about custom building saddles. But I have the new Progear already, so am thinking to order just the Tengu leg straps to replace the Progear ones...its a modular system, so easy-peasy.

I didn't notice any difference in comfort between the two...both are extremely comfortable to me.

Nick, the package should go out in tomorrows mail. I included a standard CMI six bar rack for you to try out. If you have any questions regarding use, holler.
Dont feel too bad Nick, I make the bulk of my income with 60' and less TIPs here!