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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
I am doing my personal taxes from last year (I got my last w2 today). The IRS is paying me about $850, but somehow I owe the state of CA $175. I can't figure out why for the first time in my life I OWE on taxes. I income did go up quite a bit.

Come on guys, don't wait until April!

Hey Nick. I hate to burst your bubble but the IRS is not paying you anything. Its YOUR money, they just held it for you interest free for the last year.
The IRS did "pay" my 18 yr. old daughter last year. She just started working, paid a total of $117 in fed. taxes and got back a $341 refund:?. I would like to get that same percentage back in the estimated taxes I give them.
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Alright smarty pants. I know how the system works. I don't mind having them hold on to the $ for me for a little while. It's like a beginning of the year bonus when I get my return. And it's money that I pretended all year that it never in a manner of speaking, it's like someone walked up to me and handed me $800.

Then CA ran up afterward, knocked me over, and took a few dollars out of my wallet!

Poof, they are off to the accountant!
Well I stopped at the federal building and picked up the forms I needed myself this morning.

In addition to being a plumber,electrician,mechanic ,half-fast treeman and about any thing else I also am my own accountant .It takes me about two weeks to condition my mind to shuffle papers but only about 3 or 4 hours to get-er-done.I believe I would rather dig a ditch as to fiddle with taxes.:(
Go get TurboTax. It's painless, especially compared to hand filing all those forms.
I'm a dynasaur, I don't put one bit of tax info or personal finances on my puter. Shall we say I don't trust the system nor do I computer hackers.

I'm so dumb about 'puters a hacker could be in and out and rob me blind before I knew it .:O
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I've been using H&R Blocks website for a few years and I love it. they remember all your info from last year, so I don't have to type stuff over and over.

It costs me about $50 to file state and federal, and it takes me about 20 minutes...that's including checking for new posts on the TreeHouse every few minutes!