Tarp Sources?


Tree Hugger
Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
I have decided today I want a heavy duty tarp top on my new chip box instead of the peice of aluminum I was going to have welded in. Anyone have any good sources for a thick truck tarp that they have experience with?
Around here they have a shop that custom makes them to fit the application - well worth the money. They are heavy duty and look nice.
Worth looking into.
Brendon you should look locally for a tarp/awning store that way they can work on your truck first hand. I would think everywhere must have a business like that around for boats/trucking whatnot.
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True dat...awning are heavy duty-duhh. I just never saw such a place around here. Should probably start looking.
Let your fingers do the walking. I'm betting it'll be a little shop tucked away somewhere you would never have thought to look.........if you weren't looking.;)
my brother dealt with them - I can still try and find it if it helps
Good advice, find a local company that makes custom boat covers. They can either make a tie down or snap down style.
I agree, Id go with a hard top too, but Brendon asked about a tarp source. Sooooo.......
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Good tips,

I had talked to a guy on t-buzz and he thinks very highly of them. I might give it a try with a non-custom one so if it doesn't work out well I don't care. I do have the peice of aluminum for the top that can get welded in at any time.
The place I mentioned was ACW tarp and awning - I think, I was driving by pretty fast. Their tarp lasted along time and we beat the crap out of it.
You would be better off to use a piece of rubber roofing that a tarp .You will blow through a tarp in a heart beat with a chipper,about like sandblasting it .The roofing would likely hold up better but not forever .
We sell some nice tarps at Wesspur, but you'd be better off with a hard top. Even the best tarp on the planet will get destroyed in short order in this application.