Takeuchi skid steers


Sep 2, 2006
I recently aquired a "Beaver Squeezer Grapple" with a 12k winch(awesome deal 5k, only hour away)....sorry dave. I'm planning on a purchase of a full size machine to go with it. I don't really want the biggest of track machines, maybe the 130? So far most of what I hear is Takeuchi. Great ground clearance, good warranty, seems real solid. Any feed back would be appreciated. Oh yeah, cab or no cab?:D
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That's what I was thinking..plus a little more protection up front.
I have not heard a whole lot of bad about them, other than they can be a bear to service/work on. But pretty durable for reliablity. Also check on parts availability, that can kill the deal!!!
The cab, Butch nailed it!!!!!
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What will you be using it for? Beaver squeezin?

I looked under asv/cat and the undercarriage doesn't seem near as burly as the Takeuchi. I will use it when access isn't an issue for moving heavy wood. Maybe some light lot clearing. I heard asv has a lot of plastic idle roller that expensive to fix.....smooth ride though.
If you have option to get powered attachment hookup get that. It will save alot of headache. The cab will make you lazy! But that is why you have ground guys.

How much capacity is the 130 rated for?
sounds decent, 2 years ago i priced a fully enclosed bobcat t300 for about 56k. just looked, i still have the brochures
I would NOT get a vertical lift pattern, as the (typically) aren't as rugged and have many more joints to develop slop.
My mason contractor friend said Takeuchi is the best skid steer he ever used. He has lots of experience with New Holland, Bobcat, Cat, & Case. We have a Takeuchi dealer on Oahu, so parts and service is no problem here.
Vertical lift will allow a little more reach than the traditional radial lift, so you could not reach quite as far into the back of the chip truck.

So if you get a dump trailer to haul it on, then it will not matter.
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an advantage when load over the side of a dump truck I guess? no?
YEah I guess never really noticed the difference. with the bsg you will be able to reach all the way across a truck or trailer anyway.

Just think if you are getting a trailer to haul it anyway get a dumper, Just my two cents input.

You know its never going to stop now, once you get this then you need this and then if you had this one, that is bigger, you could do that work, and on on it goes. I wouldn't have it any other way though.
Yeah, for moving dirt or such, but they wear and then get lateral movement in growing amounts.

For what you're doing, I'd surely get radial.
If you're doing tight access dirt work/grading like around houses and such the vertical lift path can be an advantage sometimes but the normal radial lift does have fewer bushings and pivot pints. I demoed a Takeuchi 140 one time, it was a pretty smooth machine. Definitely get the joystick controls and not the typical skid steer pedals and levers. I use a Bobcat S150 all the time and I think tracks are definitely the way to go.