sub needed in Wash DC


Nov 3, 2007
Charlottesville VA
Just got off of the phone with an old friend up in MD. He is a real good guy and has been grinding stumps for years. Lately he has been getting more and more tree work so is in need of a climber from time to time. Maybe 5 days a month or so and he is looking to pay in the range of $300 a day to start. If you are driving in from say PA, VA etc he can put you up.......

Any takers???

So, as a stump grinding guy, does he have any experience running the ropes and coordinating the ground crew? Or is the sub supposed to direct all that from up in the tree?
Now Butch, you know the answer to that as well as I do. He's looking for a hired gun, just like 95% of our clients. Having to deal with semi-experienced ground crew is just part of the gig. ;)

It's all good. Heck, I even went up to DC a few years ago to work a few days with a guy from Arboristsite. Had some fun, climbed some monster huge trees.

Good luck finding a good sub, and welcome to the forum PCTree. 8)
Sounds like a nice offer. I'm in touch with my brother in PA & will put his ear to the ground.
Thanks for posting !
My dad lives in Baltimore and runs a tree service buy himself, but he only works periodically anymore though he can still probably climb better than I can. He'd be especially interested if your friend is getting BIG tree take downs cause my dad is mostly into collecting wood that he can mill and work with. Tell your friend to look up Top Notch Tree Service in Baltimore, MD. My dad's name is Mark Wagner. Phone number is 410-664-0713.