Stihl 038 parts saw


Sep 6, 2006
central Florida
A buddy of mine brought me a dead saw today, low hours but the piston and jug are trashed. 3 of the 4 mounts are torn and the intake boot is torn. BUT the tank, rear handle, carb and starter recoil are all in great shape. If anybody is in need of a parts saw, make me an offer (cheap).
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You're gonna have to ask Al about that, he should be getting it Friday. :D

Although I do happen to have a carb kit for the 038 Magnum/ Bing carb. I got it with that super-nice restored 038 that I bought from Tommy Thompson and auctioned off last year. Let me know if you want it, and I gotta talk to you about saw chain anyway. :)
If the carb was comin' my way... I would take the kit too...

...holy cats! I completely forgot about the box of chain Brian!!! :|:

Lots of stuff goin' on here... sorry mang.

What did you want again?

I cleared my PM's so what ever you had asked me about is gone.

I'll give $350 for the whole thing, darnit guess I am too late
Tell ya what,when it gets here I'll do a pictorial on the old classic to show what I find and how to fix it.I've never found one sick enough yet I couldn't revive it to at least a shadow of it's former self.I'm too old and stubborn to change my ways now.:P
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Hey Al, I got your check today. You should be getting the saw parts today as well. Let me know if everything meets your expectations. :)
Just got home,2:15 AM.Saw setting by the garage door.Everything looks a-okay to me.I can save it I do believe.:)
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A short list of needed items that I found before deciding to junk it-
piston and jug
intake boot
at least 3 of the four rubber mounts
side cover and air filter cover
new air filter

It was run dull for too long by roughneck kids who didn't know how to run saws. It was pinched and yanked on too many times, tore mounts and they still kept running it (dull) and kept forcing it until the intake ripped and they lean seized it. That crew only had the saw for about 2-3 months.
I just came in from freezing my butt off sucking up leaves.I took a peek at it.Aha,it's a Mag.Those pot lickers can be made to stand up and take notice,goody,goody.:D

I've seen a lot worse but those kids did beat it up a tad bit,nothing that can't be fixed.

Now here I go again.So many times I've bought a parts saw and ended up making a runner out of it.I guess I just can't help myself.:|: