Sport Climbers???


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Mar 6, 2005
Whoa, check it out! They look a tad uncomfortable.


And I'm still trying to figure out what kind of saddle this is. The picture ain't worth a crap.
its a fall arrest for tree stand hunting. alot of hunters get them selves in trouble by not tying in to some thing so they really push those
I made a set like that out of a pair of old brooks climbers. Full set of straps and soft pads, real compact, neat looking and hurt like an SOB. I mean, really hurt. Right from the get-go.

Back to the drawing board.
A boot/spur combo would be killer..........light But those looked liked shat.:whine:
I bought a set of those years ago. I used it once and it worked like sh*t.
I had them in storage and eventually threw them away. Painful to use and the gaffs don't bite into the wood very well. You wouldn't want to be even 20 ft. on a spar standing on one of those.
they are not so bad - when I start cutting the tree I use much much worse. I'll send photo tomorrow....
It will be really scary....