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That was pretty good even though I don’t get into much black metal. I like the death metal from the 80s through to about 2010. I suppose because it was what I listened to growing up. Sepultura (up to the Arise album), first Brutal Truth album, Napalm Death, all the Death albums, Carcass, Obituary. The thrash and speed metal of that era was a listening staple as well. Maybe a little power metal thrown in there too.

Right on! I realize my reply is very late but I'm with you on liking 80's & 90's thrash and death metal. I also grew up with it. Sepultura - Arise is one of my all time favorite albums. I was more into thrash back then - Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, Overkill...

Haiduk - Cyclone


White snow, grey ice,
On the cracked ground.
There is a patchwork quilt on it -
A city in a ring of roads.
And the clouds are floating over the city,
blocking out the heavenly light.
And yellow smoke hangs over the city.,
This city is two thousand years old,
and it lived by the light of a star
In the name of the Sun...
and two thousand years of war,
Wars for no particular reason.
War is the lot of the young and a cure for wrinkles.
Red, scarlet blood -
In an hour it will be just earth,
Two days later, flowers and grass are already growing on her,
and three days later she is alive again.
And warmed by the rays of the Star
In the name of the Sun...
and we know that it has always been so,
Who do we love more by the will of Fate,
Who lives by someone else's laws
And who should die young.
He doesn't remember the word "yes" or the word "no",
He doesn't remember any titles or names.
And he is able to reach the stars,
But it's just a dream.,
And fall, scorched by a star
By name the Sun…
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This popped up on YouTube autoplay, and my daughter asked me, out of nowhere, "Dad are those MG-3s or MG-42s?"

"The only real difference is the cartridge they're chambered for, and like three internal bits, let's check and see."

After three viewings, I have concluded that they are MG-42s, the older, larger clambering, Hitler's Buzzsaw. Then it dawned on me, just what she had asked...
I'm a little late, but I was digging through my temp directory, and found this track I ripped from youtube. Dunno where I first heard it, and don't remember downloading it, but here it is...