Small mini excavator


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
Has anyone used a small mini x for tree work? Seems like it would do well with a bmg type grapple on it. lightweight and would not have to move as much to accomplish tasks.

I'm talking about some of the very small units say under 7000 pounds.
I have spent over 250 hours operating excavators from 5500 to 60000 lb. machines. Very fun to operate, especially the big ones with lots of power. The problem is they move so slow. It would be great to feed a chipper with or load a truck because of the load height capability. If you had to move brush with it a hundred feet or so, the travel speed is painfully slow unless you buy a Bobcat with Fastrack. Those machines can move 5mph, quite a bit faster than a miniskid, but slower than my Gehl AL20DX. Also they will tear up lawns and are quite a bit bigger than miniskids.
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I was thinking of this model after looking around. For planting and also feeding chipper on landclear jobs.


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