Sequoia Climb June 08

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Financially I can't do it yet this year. But it is definitely on my 'bucket list', you're going to have to pencil me in for a trip in 2010 or so.
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cant say publicly. Might be a lurker who will turn us in.

Really looking forward to climbing a 50' trunk. So big that you cant see the sides of the trunk as you begin your climb.

Last time, when I got up into the canopy, some of the branches were at least 6 feet thick. And smooth and shiny like Euc. from the wind and snow (I guess). At the base fissures in the bark 2 feet deep.
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I am trying to get Greg G. to come along. Gonna bring my film camera and make a movie w/ pictures also.
That old man Nelder is a truely rare inspiration to old age. I think there is a book on some other people like that "Idaho Loaners" I think it is called. Anyone read this book?