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I didn't know Rotax endorsed products. Right on!
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No way MB, had 3 family deaths and had a bout of the flu to boot. You boys will be getting plenty of me real soon. Just doing a quick check-in.

Robert is a ton of dynamite in a small package = tuff.

Log show season is right around the corner, and he will be very busy. I will be sittin' on the sidelines watchin'.

Take care buddy... it'll be good to see ya back in the game! :)

Thanks Guys, about 2 weeks till the first show; and yes I am ready. I got a 55 gallon drum of pent-up energy to release and I plan on pouring it all over. Jeff "fishhuntkillsthingswithwoodensticks" better be ready to take a run also. See you there Gary and whoever else plans on going to sequim.