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Ropetek Wraptor, Onyx Saddle, and other climbing gear

Rob Cochran

Dec 29, 2019
North Carolina
I am an ISA Certified Arborist and contract climber. I have too much gear and am downsizing. I bought some things for my wife but unfortunately her health doesn't allow her to climb. I am looking to sell some items but not sure where to post. Any ideas? The items I have are Ropetek Wraptor, ART Twinline (rope guide), D4 descender, Spiderjack 3 ART, HHX, Adjustable friction saver, 12' tritech flipline w/isc snap, Onyx Saddle, Steel 4 bar rack and wrist rocket. Let me know of ideas where to sell as I am not sure if allowed on this site. The items are all in good or better condition. TIA
The Tree House Loves TreeStuff!