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Koa Man

After having used and broken 2 commercially made rope retrievers, Sherrill's and the Sidekick, I decided to make my own. I used a painter's pole, 4-8 ft. size and bent a roller frame. I like it so much better than the 2 commercially made ones and my set up only cost $17 for the pole and $3 for the roller frame. Compare that with the $50 cost of the flimsy ready made ones. What I really hated about the Sherrill Retreever is the bendable hook would straighten out with very little pressure and the pole section was weak. The Sidekick was built a little stronger but the hook was very tiny. Both got in the way hanging from the saddle.

The one I made does not collapse as short as the Retreever and Sidekick, but I can hang it from a branch which makes it easier for me to use. I can also pull hangers with it. Don't even think about doing that with the other 2. I have used it on several jobs and found it to be extremely helpful when rigging.


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I found the same problems with it straightining..

my old telescopic areial with a cup hook in the end was better..
I've never used one either, but it looks like it might be even handier if there were a handsaw blade attached to the end facing opposite from the hook.
Wesley, the only problem I see with yours is that it is not clean and shiny and doesn't have a little sticker on it saying Sherrills. Yours is prob. not 'safety' tested and don't you know that to make your own gear means your an anarchist? :)
I also own & hate the retriever! Now, if the tree has enough dead branches, I'll just break off a suitable branch and use it to pull a line closer!

My cost...$0.00

I've always doubled up the line- to swing and lasso it around the end, then pull it in.
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The retriever is very good for placing the rope exactly where you want it. Believe me, it is much faster than trying to throw the rope where you want it to be and then trying to get the rope back to you by snagging it with another rope. I only use it for rigging and mostly in touchy situations.

Although the 4-8 ft. pole is good for almost all my needs, I am thinking of buying a 6-12 ft. pole as 8 ft. was a little too short on a couple of big trees I worked on recently. That way I'll have the longer pole available when I need it.
Their is a guy in my town who gets old swimming pool cleaning poles. He does alot with those things
I like the idea Koa Man! I've got the Sherrill one and I haven't had a problem yet. When it breaks, I know what I'll do now.