retired saddle?


punk in drublic
Jan 18, 2007
Tha Dirty Bean...Boston Massachusetts
A co-worker asked if I had any old treeclimbing harnesses laying around that I could sell to him. He is a big health nut and read in a magazine that doing dips and chinups with weight on a belt is great excercise. Supposedly treeclimbing harnesses are better than the belts designed for the purpose?!?!?

Anywhoo if anyone has an old leather saddle they are willing to part with, let me know, thanks, G
my unencumbered saddle falls off my ass without suspenders, cant see one staying on with weights hanging off it. Not that my saddle(s) get much use. I would say get a diving belt.
my .02
I'd clip a line to my saddle with a weight on it and throw it over the chin up bar. Then I might actually be able to do a couple.

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