Rec Climbing Vid by Nick

nick, get yourself an itty bitty LED so the next time you are "be-nighted" you can keep going. I like the Ziptikka. Climbing at night is OK if one is prepared. I also carry a monocular to scope out ties in. It still looked like fun, and of course EPICS are always fun once they are over.
I have a friend who got benighted on the side of the Diamond on Longs Peak. They shivered all night. The culprit.....snagged rope on rappell and no light.....
cool Nick. you should have listed yourself in the credits as your own stunt double too! :D
I recently got over a few weeks of bad luck retrieving my RG. No fun! Hey, I wish it was 47 degrees here!:hotsun:
Good narration, but the camera work left me with a mild headache
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Alright smart alecks. I HAVE a headlamp. 2 actually. No wait. I have 3 (PrincetonTec EOS and Aurora, and I have a petzl e-Lite). The folks I was climbing with had to be back in LA-Land for some evening appointments. My thought was, "you're going to be late anyways, so what's 10 or 15 more minutes?" But they wanted to get going. They were paying me good money, so I wasn't going to complain.

Regarding the filmwork- I agree. It is quite shakey. I have a tripod, and that would help for MOST of the things. A camera person would help, you're right.

The fact that the rope got stuck kindof scared me. I set the retrieval on the wrong side, looked at it 3 times, then climbed on. Just a bid scary to know that mistakes are waiting us around every corner.

Was the vid quality good enough?

I was'nt trying to ruffle yo' feathers......I didn't know you were "guideing" fo' money.....:D
You strung the RG up backwards because the evil dastardly clients were distracting you.
I think the narration was fantastic. You have a skill there for sure.

When the frame shakes, I get an instant headache.

keep up the good work
Good work Nick. I liked the narration and the captions. I've got to give a rope guide a try one of these days.
I've got to give a rope guide a try one of these days.

Do it!

When Carl was at my house, I gave his a try. He joked and said "Don't fall up the rope". My first pull on the rope I was amazed. I felt like I weighed 5 pounds.

Def. a nice tool. Just don't have the $$ for it right now.
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Karina liked the part where I said, "that's kinda funny" then the caption reminds you, "no it isn't."

I think what I MEANT to say was, "that's sortof ironic if you think about it. It's a SLIP knot...but if I jam it down, it doesn't slip!"

I'm glad y'all enjoyed it. I decided at the last second to film it all. I was in my car throwing on a few extra layers before I stepped out of my car, then saw the camera there and instantly thought of the idea.

The captioning was very hard to read. In fact I couldnt read most of it.

But being your first official production, we'll let you slide.

Youve got some potential
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Sonofagun. It shows up super clear on my screen. It's the google vid thing. Anyone know a place where I can store a 350mb vid?

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Might y'all know of a way to fix the blurryness? I have options when I make the movie file. Do you know what these all mean?

I'll be curious to see what you find out. I have had the same problem with great on my screen, blurry on google or youtube. I feel sure the file size is the culprit but uploading (for you) and downloading (for the viewer) and hosting such a large file is time consuming and a resource hog.
Nick- You can seed it to me and I'll see if I can put it up on my website.
Im not sure about size limitations, but I'll give it a shot.