Rec climbers are such geeks...

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Guest a fun sort of way. The Rogue Line Launcher

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I wanted to smack the guy for putting in the background noises. I would have liked to see him actually set a line using it :lol:
its cool picture the home owner stepping out the door as your wipping that thing out
Blinky your title of this post sucks. Just trying to get attention?

As a rec. climber myself, I see that with just a bit of intelligence I could come up with a better title.
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Frans! Don't be so sensitive. I'm a rec climber AND a geek. Geek isn't derogetory, it's just a moniker for techy types. In fact, we kid around that nerds are techy types that never see the sun shine and geeks are techy types that kick ass at sports.

Since I'm a geek, I get to poke fun at geeks. Same with the redneck thing.

...and yes, I was trying to get attention, why else would I post it?

Ease up, we're on the same side.
I would like to found the OTG club. No dues necessary, just be yourself.
I don't think Frans likes being called a geek.

With that said.... Frans is a ge-ek, Frans is a ge-ek

Frans, don't be a geek!:P

Sorry bro, I couldn't resist.:D
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I thought it was Overweight Tree Guy:P