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I thought that I might share a piece of arboricultural history with you guys.

What we have here is a small cutting(scion) taken from the Torreya taxifolia, an endangered species which is thought to be around 165 million yrs. old.

Google and smell the tree from a place I call home. Gadsden Co. Fla.

Could be the same wood that was used to crucify Jesus.???? Polecat wood?

Gogher wood????

Postage paid by me.

anyway...... I know where some are and I assure you this tree was not killed or hacked in any way.

The largest one in the US is in Asheville, NC.

I will be leaving Montana next Wed. to go back to Florida and will gently place her in the mail for the lucky winner I pull from a hard hat on Tues. the 29th. Good luck

comes framed also.

I will add that this cutting is about 7 years old.


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I have just the place for it in my den. Count me in please and thank you!

Just did a google search and am impressed. What an incredible offer you have there Monkepuzzle!!!

If I wasn't in Hong Kong I'd definitely be in. But I'm trying to stay light right now, so I won't. Awesome raffle, though.
That rare tree got me thinking of an idea for a new thread...about rare trees...
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Drawing will be Tuesday morn around daybreak.:D
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The winner is Tom Scheller.

If I was thinking when my mom put this into the frame to include a small strip of paper with the name of the tree this twig came from.

Congats Tom, and thank the rest you tree huggers for being such good sports.

I'll do my best to take a few snaps of a living tree while in Florida.

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Tom, I sent a pm your way.

Cool, Tom ! Great to have an appreciative winner !!!
Yay, Monkeypuzzler for the raffle !!!