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Jul 21, 2019
This is a two part question. I carry a R&R friction saver on my saddle. There's been a couple times I'd liked to have used it, but was reluctant due to getting it kind of stuck the first time I tried it. It's 10mm Ocean poly with scaffold knots at each ring. I found the reason they're typically made with sewn webbing when the scaffold knot got caught in the crotch :^D

So... My last order I got 1" tubular webbing with the intent of making rigging slings using beer knots.

Q1: is do you think putting two rings in a sling, and basketing it around the limb would make a decent friction saver?

Q2: If that is a good idea, how long should I make the tails on the beer knot for best practices in life support? For the one rigging sling I made, I did a 12" bury, and it was about 3" left to either side of the knot, but I don't have it here to confirm. I'd probably put a couple stitches in it just cause. I'm not that familiar with using the beer knot, and in the webbing I got, it doesn't seem to cinch down tight hand pulling the knot closed. My concern is the knot jiggling a little loose hanging on the saddle, and getting some slippage. Probably wouldn't happen, but a couple stitches are cheap insurance.
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You think that would be better? I have a bunch of sewn looprunners already. I didn't really think of using those.
I would use a blunt needle to stitch the two sides of the loop together, and capture the girth hitches. Streamlined.

A leather tube fixing saver (can be used for climbing and rigging) or Dan House tube are good options. No isolation needed.
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The looprunner works nice. I'm gonna use it as-is. I usually have a couple 36" slings on me. I swapped one out for a 48", and it'll be easy transferring the rings to that if I want something with more girth. Dunno why I didn't think of the looprunners. Seems obvious. Might be cause I started with an adjustable prusik system in mind, and it got simplified in the process. Using webbing didn't occur to me til I got the bulk webbing.
Stiffening up the sling near the large eye will cause it to canterlever/ teetertotter over the branch, rather than being dragged over.
One of my old adjustable(s)
I use Orca Pirates now on the biner end. Any little bit of rope will do. I make mine that I can choke a 30" plus diameter stem. Because I have many of those in my jungle. I also use loop runners. They can work a treat. You can rig with both kind of set ups as well so long as you keep the rigging ones separate. I also use steel rings. Not aluminum. But being able to set a ring and ring from the ground is valuable for both climbing and rigging. I do a lot of rigging from the ground. Often times to secure a hazard prior to climbing the tree to eliminate it. A lot of things can just be done from the ground in certain scenarios. P1010334.JPG
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