"Prestige" plates

It's not just a one time expense, most states charge an additional annual premium to allow you the priveledge of having a customized license tag. In FL I think it's $25 per year.

I never had a personalized plate, but my old man has for years. Probably the biggest reason why I don't want one.
I had "TREE MAN" for many years, then I let it go when I started leasing. Now I've got "TREE WRX" on the company pick-up. Its $17.00 extra per year.
I remember that, Brett. You still have the Toyota?

Heck, I might get 'SKWERL' or 'RJ SKWERL' on the bucket. It's up for renewal next month, I think I'll ask about that.
I have personalized plates with my kids nicknames on it.

I have a buddy that has a restored 1969 Camaro. Turns out that you can buy restored plates from 1969 and get them registered to your car. So now his 1969 car has 1969 plates.
We always called them vanity plates here....

can you get them on commercial vehicles (1 ton or better plates).

I think RBORIST would be cool!
Virginia has more vanity plates than any other state-probably because they only charge $10 for the fun. I almost did it but then I thought that it was kind of a silly way to spend $80(Colorado's fee then) and I found out that there was a wait of several months and decided to not be so vain but continue being impatient.
I had to renew my bucket truck plate anyway, so I asked about a vanity plate. It was only $15 for the plate plus $12 per year. So for $27 extra I went for it.
I've got "STLHD" (Steelhead...you know, the fish.) Out here it makes sense and people know what it means. AK charges a one-time $30 fee, and your plates are prorated for the year and make of vehicle you own.

Before this, I had "FLYTYR" and "TYFLYS" AK only gives you six characters, so it kinda ties your hands with what you can do.
Hawaii is a one time fee of $25. My friend came across a twin turbo Porsche on the freeway in California that had the plate WHYTRY on it. He tried with his Toyota Supra. He told me all he heard was a WHOOSH and the Porsche was gone.
COOL Brian!!!

I still need to take a better picture of mine sometime!!
Took me about seven weeks, about the same for you?
What was the LA rate, Butch? For me it will bump my annual renewal from $203 to $218. Not enough to worry about.