Playoff Hockey!

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top hopper

Anyone else follow it? or am I the only fan except for the Canadians?
Its bad when i turn and ask the Mrs. if the flyers are in the playoffs. which she said they where :P
my home team aint in. Flames played well the other night. dont think I watched 3 full games this year. :( no time and the home team is as usual, no effort. blah. stupid canucks.
hmm, werent he here already?
I liked his style but he is a Leaf in his heart I think. I dont give a shit about the current coach or (the now fired) GM.
I'm trying to watch the play offs but keep going to bed before the games are over. I'm in the middle of my big chipping contract and I'm too fing tired to stay up. Left the house at 5:15 am today and just got home 5 minutes ago (9:10 pm now). The big plus is I'm making a shit load of money right now. I'll have my new chipper paid for in the next 3 weeks. Now if it would only get here already......
Judging by the size of my cable bill I better have tv and lots of it. Mainly for the wife and kids though this time of year. I do spend some time on the couch in the winter.
:) a good game. I only watched it and hte last one, otherwise I havent watched a whole game since like october. :) Congrats to the Wings and congrats to the Pens for trying hard. :)
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Figured youd be piping up tonight.

It was a great series. Honestly I thought the cup was theirs on Monday night, but the Pengs held out for one more game.

Congrats to the Detroit Red Wings! They earned it.