Piston Assembly & Worm Gear


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Mar 6, 2005
I just had those replaced in my 066 and I was wondering how much of a rebuild that was. I mean, is it gonna be like I have a new saw? Does replacing these main parts (aren't they?) extend the life of my saw substantially?

It runs GOOD!
Piston assy means you got a new piston and ring. I assume the saw had poor compression but the jug wasn't scored very badly, so they just polished up the jug and put a new piston in it. And yes, this will give you several more years of life from the saw as long as the rest of it holds together.

The 'worm gear' could be a couple different things. The first that comes to mind is the plastic gear on the crankshaft that drives the oiler pump. If they get hot or seized up, they can strip out and then you don't get any action from your oiler. A new worm gear will mean that your oil pump is spinning properly.
The piston should make a huge improvment!! Should have more comppresion and power, means it's harder to pull over.
The worm gear is for the oiler, so more oil for the chain, but not much more powerwise.
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Cool. That and an air filter cost $130 for the parts. Does that sound about right?
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By the time I walked outta there I'd spent nearly $250, LOL. I love it!

He said he could get me a rear handle 200, no problemo, and it would cost the same as the T model. I almost told him to order me one...
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Haha, just a bar, files, another big wedge, and a couple chains. The usual stuff.
Ahhhhhhhh, wel now that the 660 is rebuilt and back in shape, it probably has earned a few new chains!
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It doesn't have a decomp valve, so that would kinda date it. What year did they come out for the 066?
I like the oldies better butch. Im hopin someday one of my Homies wears out so I can give it a new piston/rings.

Dirt bikes can go through 3-4 top ends before the bottom goes.

That price is way high on the filter kit. I remember selling them for around $36.00. The other stuff sounds in line, 1 1/2 hours labor, @ $60.00 per hour, plus parts. I will look and see if I can find my sheet on model dates.
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That's what I'm talking about. So far I've got $430 invested in it, and it runs like a mofo!
I love my 660, it's been woods modded and on Thursday when I was bucking up pieces of that big ole spruce spar that sucker was throwing chips almost across the yard big white softwood. It literally was a traffic stopper, awesome saws. I certainly wish I'd only paid $300 for mine, that's a damn good deal.
hats a smoking good deal!!! Nothing like a 660 for the bigger stuff!!!
And since it's all but reuilt now, it should run for a long time!!
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I put one of those giant handles on it to make up for the lack of a decomp valve. I can't remember who I bought them from, I think it was an AS member, but it might have been a TH'er.