Oregon reduced weight bars.


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
I need some input on the weight reduction these bars are advertising.

I'm replacing my 36" on the 660, it would be nice if it wasn't so dang nose heavy.
Flexible. I like them on my ms200s but not on bigger saws. Seems like I always cut crooked using them on bigger wood.
It seems that the general consensus is the longer the bar is the more unpractical it becomes due to it's flexible nature.

That sound about right to all ya'll?
I use them for urban work. love them, makes a big difference. I have no problem with them cutting crooked, have no problem sharpening a chain either. Maybe just lucky. For woods work, they aren't durable enough the rails are typical Oregon weak, and they do flex too much for aggressive production cutting.
Got a 32" and a 36"... Like them alot better than the solid bars. I don't have any trouble with durability or bending them.. yah they are more flexable but I don't seem to have any trouble with them.
I have yet to use an Oregon bar I liked.
I've gotten spolied by Stihl ES and GB titaniums. I'll deal with the weight for the wear factor, and less flexing.
Not sure now, I got mine over a year ago, the prices have gone up a lot since.
It was $90 shipped with one chain, then.
Frans, Bailey's is carrying GB Titanium bars now. I've been running them for a few years and like them a lot.

I like the Stihl lightweight 14" bars on my top handles but I'll stick with solid bars on the bigger saws. Oregon bars wear too fast for me anyway.
has anyone ever taken a bar apart??? the reason i ask is, if that center piece is solid, why couldnt they put holes in it like a aircraft before they put it together, to lighten it up???? just a question that always been in my mind. maybe i need to take one apart---------
I am happy with Stihl bars, except for the price. All you big guys should be able to handle a few more ounces of weight without a problem.
Holes fill up with sawdust and bind or get bound up in the bark....

The oregon reduced weight bars, the rails are harder than the powermatch bars are. Wear alot longer than a powermatch...