NewYears streamlight 'scorpion' giveaway

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Ver generous Frans!!!! This is a VERY nice light guys and girls!!!!!!

actually I dont like it very much. It is brighter than bright, but the batteries go fast and suddenly.
It takes 2 of these little 3 volt batteries.

It is well made of machined alum. with a rubber sleeve. I imagine it is water proof. The button to turn it on is on the end, you dont have to twist the head to get it to turn on and off.
Very nice of you Frans.

I would like to be considered. This opportunity perfectly coincides with my New Year's resolution to become more "high speed, low drag."

Count me in! I am constantly working in the dark with my snowplowing/sanding and it would be handier than hell for checking out the chute on the sander when it gets plugged up or just for shining in co-workers eyes when we meet up to bs a bit.:D
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or just for shining in co-workers eyes when we meet up to bs a bit.:D

:lol: I bought 4 of them to give away to friends and when I was driving up the freeway to go home, I turned one on while directly pointed at my eye.

Dumb Homer Simpson thing to do. Almost drove off the road I was so blinded!
I have the Streamlight Twintask. It is same size and shape, but it has Xenon, and LED. Last 2 hours on Xenon, and about 50 on LED. Both are darn bright, just one is a yellow light and the other blue. It uses the CR123's, which I buy for about $24-12pack at my hardware store. They are Surefire brand. Would not want to buy the ones for cameras at $12 a pop. I'll pass on the give away, but thanks for offering it!:thumbup:

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Is it a toss up betwix:


? Have I got that right ?
I like Surefire's batteries, they can be had locally for reasonable amounts, or from their website for a bit cheaper.

Brendon and I went to a store in CT, looking to buy him a flashlight, and me a box of batteries. They wanted $7 a pop for a Surefire battery... we laughed the whole way out.
1. Stumpy should be disqualified as his only motivation that he listed for the light was 'greed'.

2. Tom did a little better but still "high speed, low drag" is a little vague.

3. Squisher!!:D
I thought about jumping in but I use a Surefire is a bit big but probably about the same size as the Scorpion. So, much as I like lights, I am just watching from the sidelines this time.

Thanks for the chance.
I'd like in on this one if'n it's still up for grabs. Work midnite shift and it would be a great thing to have when i get stuck working out in the yard. Thanks!
I removed and installed my skidder starter solely with my Streamlight. I guess they don't mind grease and near 0F weather, but I sure didn't like it. Batteries lasted through the whole ordeal.