New ropes and question


Nov 3, 2007
Charlottesville VA
Ok so I saw these on Ebay and couldnt resist. 130' of 3/4' tenex tec which I will probably cut up for slings etc and 105' of 1' amsteel 2 57000lbs test WOW:D. Got both for $230!! Figure I can use the amsteel for a pull line when you absolutely need to know your rope aint gona let go........


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Ok so heres my question, look at the bulge in the amsteel 2 line. Should I be concerned about this, it is about 12' from the end which has a splice in it. So what do you guys think????:/:


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12' is too far to be part of the splice. Does the lump go all the way around or could it just be where the rope was folded or smooshed for a long time? Or maybe it was where the splicer had the rope tied off while he did the splice? Put some tension on it and feel the spot to see if it's a lump in the core.
One reason I would never buy rope from an unknown online source.
You have no idea where or what that rope has seen, even if it "looks" new.
For only 12', I'd cut it out. Make a killer sling or something out of the 12' piece and then splice another eye in the rope.
I would bet money that there is nothing wrong with the rope. The lump is from the dyneema core being squished up. It's sorta like the cover has shortened up just a hair, but the core hasn't. So it sorta just...bunches up inside the rope.

I would bet that if there was a way to lay the rope straight, if you went to the tail end, have someone one reach in and pull out the core, you could feel them "fix" the bump.

I see this happen occasionally in ropes that have a cover and core made of different materials. Beeline will do it. I've seen it in EnduraBraid (which is the same thing, but made by NER).

To be safe, move the cover strands around and peek in to see if there are any damaged strands.

If Nick's comment isn't right, this one will be. When I first got my similar line, after first using it, i noticed it was all lumpy like that everywhere. That's because, when it's under load it gets really stiff...dissimilar materials as Nick says...The core has near zero stretch, the cover prolly triple, after the rope is handled a bit, and rolled, bent, whatever, those areas will bulge out. Normal and nothing to worry about. I found this out upon calling my rope source, Ben.

That's prolly not the case with your line, unless it was loaded hard, and then not handled much.....Roll it all around, you'll know...
Rog, I think you and I are describing similar things. I'm not exactly sure what causes it, but I think the differing fibers have a lot to do with it.
One reason I would never buy rope from an unknown online source.
You have no idea where or what that rope has seen, even if it "looks" new.

The discount rope and line guy on ebay is a great source for rope. It's all brand new but odd lengths usually. I can vouch for him, and I know Carl bought tons of rope from him as well. The prices are great.
:thumbup: Discount R&L X3

-- ----------

...Make that X4!

Recently bought a 600' spool of R/B/W Arbormaster 1/2" line from him, cost was $450 (US) delivered to MI!

I've also bought a few other lengths & different size rope over the years from him as well.

All has been top quality rope!!!

Will buy again from this ebay ropestore!!!