New OSHA Ruling

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In this new OSHA law, the employer is required to pay for ALL PPE, except Boots and prescription safety glasses.

Heres an a google search for the whole ruling.

OSHA 1910.132(d)(1)
The employer shall assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). If such hazards are present, or likely to be present, the employer shall:

OSHA 1910.132(d)(1)(i)
Select, and have each affected employee use, the types of PPE that will protect the affected employee from the hazards identified in the hazard assessment;

"Employees exposed to safety and health hazards may need to wear personal protective equipment to be protected from injury, illness, and death caused by exposure to those hazards," said Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Edwin G. Foulke Jr. "This final rule will clarify who is responsible for paying for PPE, which OSHA anticipates will lead to greater compliance and potential avoidance of thousands of workplace injuries each year."

The final rule contains a few exceptions for ordinary safety-toed footwear, ordinary prescription safety eyewear, and logging boots. The final rule also clarifies OSHA's requirements regarding payment for employee-owned PPE and replacement PPE. While these clarifications have added several paragraphs to the regulatory text, the final rule provides employees no less protection than they would have received under the 1999 proposed standard.

The rule also provides an enforcement deadline of 6 months from the date of publication in the Federal Register to allow employers time to change their existing PPE payment policies to accommodate the final rule. The final ruling becomes effective February 13, 2008. The final rule must be implemented by May 15, 2008.
Well. I already do that. Of course I have no employees but I provide PPE fro friends and subs if they don't have their own. In any case OSHA is cordially invited to take a big bite of a peanut butter and dog crap sandwich.
Hell yah, let's protect those who are to stupid to protect themselves.

Ummm I'll look out for myself thanks.
I think the point is that if you work for a company then they are expected to pay for your climbing equipment.
which means for the most part, bare bones. if employees want top of the line they can upgrade them selves
I think if you delve into that ruling it covers just about any aspect of PPE irregardless of what it is no matter what type of business.

In the case of a contract climber or such I don't know if they would be considered as private contractors or not. Then again though if the climber was on your job site most likely you could be fined or at least reprimanded for lack of PPE.

OSHA inspecters can be real shitheads at times especially if there has been a serious accident. Then too some are on a real ego trip.Most in their defense aren't bad folks .

Now Stumpers choice of sandwichs kind of makes me wonder .:O
I think this is a good rule. I shouldn't have to spend money so that I can make YOU money. At least gimme the 7 dollar home depot helmet. If I decide I want the petzl, I'll buy it myself.

I've never worked somewhere that DIDN'T supply earplugs, gloves, glasses, or helmets. But I know there are a ton of companies that don't provide it. More importantly, there are even more employees that don't care.

I'm not a big fan of gov't intervention in my business, but this seems like a fair rule to me. Can you imagine getting hired on as a low-paid groundie and being told that you have to buy $150 worth of PPE before showing up for your first day of work? Granted most employers only give their employees the cheapest stuff they can find, but that seems fair too. If the employee wants something better, he/she can go buy it themselves. And if they don't want to spend the money, then they can use the uncomfortable piece of crap the boss gave 'em!
We supply all that is required already. We don't make them wear an "uncomfortable piece of crap", we let them pick out what they need and want for that matter.
I dont think an employee should pay for that stuff. I get alot of it in bulk (hearing protectore and glasses) so it is a tax write off for me and I get it cheaper.
I provide hats, glasses, and plugs. gloves are your own. Im not buying new gloves for everyone everyother day.

In this line, gloves get worn out quickly. Most of the time, I dont wear them myself. Ill wear the grippers on occasion for climbing, filing saw chains, or dealing w/ pines/cedars, and in the cold. Not much in the summer time.
oh, i thought we were talking saddles and biners and such. i buy hard hats, nice glasses from the saw shop and ear plugs. also safety vests. no gloves though
i thought basic ppe was already the employers responsibility?
Youse guys are just cheap scrooges! :)

I buy those sticky gloves by the case, maybe 6 dozen in a case? Sure it costs a bit, but one case lasts me a long time and I get a hellva deal on it. Tax write off too.
I only wear gloves when it is about zero degrees outside,I have hands as tough as walrus hide,-- but not everybody does . That said and with what I do now around rotating machinery,gloves will get you hurt.

How some ever in my construction days gloves were the up to the employee to furnish .Brain buckets[hard hats] and other stuff the employeer furnished.Then too most pole climbers only trusted their own stuff,including myself .

Never the less and with what I said in a previous post ,it may come back on the employer if the stuff is not up to standard that a contract person is using.Sooo to cover your arse,so to speak,make sure your contract person is using the approved stuff.CYA[cover your arse];)
I buy those sticky gloves by the case, maybe 6 dozen in a case? Sure it costs a bit, but one case lasts me a long time and I get a hellva deal on it. Tax write off too.

Frans, I do too! Only I have to buy 2 different types, the sticky ones and then the type that are cloth with leather in the palm. Some guys like the sticky's and other guys like the cloth ones. I put an order in yesterday for gloves and glasses...over $ 200 smackaroos. Oh yeah, earplugs were included in that order also.
I provide everything including gloves. If they prefer their own, fine, if they prefer something else I will get it for them or reimburse them for it. I figure it's money well spent as long as it is being used. I will go out of my way to be a good employer and I expect the same from them.
I provide gloves.....helmets, ropes, hearing pro, chaps.

I also have a pretty complete first aid kit on the truck. Cpr masks, gloves, eyewash......blah, blah
I have been known to get pissed if a guy goes through a rake real quick, but if the guy is producing real good then I have nothing bad to say.

I used to work for something called 'SAC'. Stands for Sonoma Adult Corrections. What it is, is work crews made up of folks who have DUIs, tickets, misc. court stuff. They have an option of sitting in jail or doing weekend work for the County. Everything from light construction to picking up garbage, to doing tree work.

Usually good folk who have jobs and just want to get this whole thing behind them.

Well, I had this rotten group who were lazy asses. I set them to splitting up wood and bagging it to be sold at the Counties campgrounds (and by the way, at 10 bucks a bag, a cord worked out to bring in around 2000.00 dollars!)

Anyway, here I am sitting in my truck 'overseeing' (translate into dozing) and one of them breaks the handle on the maul. When the others who were splitting saw that this guy got to go and stuff sacks, they figured out that if ALL the handles broke, they would not have to split wood!

12 mauls got their handles broken that day.

At the end of the day I went over to the equipment yard and had the welders weld steel pipe onto all the maul handles.

Got alot of splitting done the next day :)
I provide ultra-basic gear, and I encourage my employees to purchase their own PPE.
I am not obliged to provide first class shit to second-class flunkies.
$6 hardhat, $1 gloves.
Show a little incentive & I'll be the first one in line to pay for your proper work boots.
i can understand supplying PPE for the groundies.

when i had employees,they would never wear it unless it was fancy safety sunglasses.

as for climbing gear,i'll buy and maintain my own.i ain't sharing that stuff unless it's a good friend.
This change just brings Osha rules up equal to, most state Osha rules. Here in Mi and most states that is already the rule at the state level.
Here you have to supply chaps, helmet, eye and ear for chainsaw use as the employer. If you are a contract cutter, it is your business so you need to supply all your own gear.