New Family Member arriving Sep. 15th

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Koa Man

After not having a dog for almost 2 years, we decided to get a dog again.
The pup is almost 3 weeks old and we pick it up from the breeder on Sep. 15.
She is a Rottweiler from one of the top breeders in Hawaii. Her father is from Serbia. Both parents come from a long line of National and International winners. We plan to show her when she is ready.

1st picture is Ando, the father and 2nd is Vegas, the mother.

Here is some info on the mother.
Vegas, we also call her "Pooh". Her name is International Champion Goldshield's MGM Grand V Braun, CD.

Her father is BIS/BISS CH. Keerocka's Entertainer, CDX (ARC Producer of the year). Her mother is CH. Von Boylan's Grand Stand, CDX (ARC producer of the year).

All of Vegas' littermates are American Champions. She has American hip/elbow/heart/eye certifications.


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Holy cow man, you're new dog's gonna have more certs than I've got.


Congrats man I've got a new addition myself. 13 week old Thunder, he's a Daniff but of slightly more humble background I beleive.:)