New Champion List

Guy, I want one!

I think I found a state champ Callistemon viminalis weeping bottlebrush the other day. I'm knocking on the door soon to see if they'll let me measure it.

Unfortunately that tree is not on the national big tree registry...

Blech! I don't them appealling at al! I don't know why. They are purdy...but something about them is unappealling to me.

Picture to come.

you should see them over here nick. thay get over 18 metres tall and covered in red flowers, a site to see.
Guy, thanks for posting that! My little county has 33 Champions!:O :O

On the last page they list the trees that have not achieved Champion status. :/: They are looking for a Coconut Palm :/: We are going to scour our County and look for one! There are a few others listed that are in our area as well. :)
Champions are cool trees, is it easy to nominate one?