Need fan for BB 200+


Rockclimber/ treeclimber
Aug 5, 2005
BB wants 650.00 for the fiber radiator fan.
Does anyone know where i might find an after market one.
Its a 2002 with a perkins, model 200 +

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Its not near me at the moment .
Ill try and get by there later.
Does that fan suck the air through the radiator normally or is that one reversed and pushing the air out away from the motor? Some brands have a reversed fan that pushes the air out, which supposedly reduces dust clogging.
Yea, the dust collects on the inside instead of the outside. :roll: :?
Flexolite will have your fan. Make sure you buy a reverse fan so it pushes out.

Shouldn't be more than $100.00 or so.
Flexolite might have it, but I don't think you'll want one of their flexible fans.

I got mine from the local store for around $20, mounted up to my hub with minimal effort and cooled better than stock.

I just remembered, I did the engine swap so ixnay what I said earilier.
I run flex fans on 3 different chippers with no problems at all.