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Sep 6, 2006
central Florida
OK, I'm a total newb to digital music. I've never purchased, saved or recorded music in my life except for a few very rare ocassions. I did recently purchase my very first CD and managed to get it into the CD player in my truck.

Anyway, I bought a Garmin GPS today for my road trip next week delivering Justin's bucket truck to Colorado. I have 3 long days driving with a very crappy radio, but my new GPS will store and play MP3 files. So my question is "Where can I browse and download some MP3 music files for my gps, preferably fer free-fo."
you can try a bit torrent site Brian. You need the torrent download software and a site or two to search from.
try to start. I use the bit torrent software.
I havent paid for music yet, via Itunes etc. bugger them, not until they MAKE me.

depending on your tastes and email ability (filesize) I might be able to send you some stuff. Lemme know what you dig and I can see what I can do from my library. (and your email addy of course if you wil share it).
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Thanks, but that looked rather daunting and I couldn't find anything I wanted to download even if I figured it out. I already have my one and only CD saved on my computer as a WMA file (plays in the Windows media player), so I started looking for converters to convert those songs from WMA to MP3. I've downloaded 2 converters so far and can't do anything with either of them.

Oh well, looks like I'm going to have to start from scratch. Even if I have to pay for music. How about just pointing me towards the best MP3 download sites so maybe I can find a few hours worth of music for the trip?
I don't have an answer, but with five teenagers in my house I should be able to find out for you. I'll let you know.
Brian, media player should convert from wma to mp3.

Its what I use.
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Wow, thanks John. I'm usually the one telling people to just use the default Windows program instead of looking for outside programs. That was too easy! I'm converting my first cd now.
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Dang, that didn't work. :cry: I need help figuring out how to convert these files to MP3.
No go?

Whenever I do it it always says "completed with errors" but it always converts the music.

Sorry man
Umm, the mp3 player on your Garmin... If you crack the window you wouldn't be able to hear it unless you go blue tooth=more money...

Just do what the Bivster said. You'll be more pleased I'm sure.

Happy trails!
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John, I can't find any option on the Windows media player to convert the file type to mp3. I can load the WMA files into the Garmin but they can't play.

And BBS, I have no idea what you're talking about. Crack the window? :?

I've also searched on Google. The first three pages of results from 'mp3 downloads' all either wanted a credit card number (usually on an unsecure site) or else they kept bringing me back to the same frikking site that kept diverting me to junk spam sites. I've also tried 'mp3 converter' and other combinations.
My apologies Brian,

I was mistaken, I use windows audio converter.

I got all of mine from Napster or Kaaza before they pulled the plug on them.

I suppose because they are already in mp3 already is why I can copy them to cd for back up . I use Roxio or something like that,CD creater software .If I close them out in a format labeled"so it will play on any cd reader" you can just stick them on any puter capable of MP-3 . If you have time you might Google Roxio and find some more info that might be of use.