Monster trucks

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Goin to see them for the first time this weekend. Looks cool on TV but I have never been. Anyone ever go? Stocking up on the keystone light and redman so I will fit in with the NJ redneck crowd....if there is such a thing.
saw them here a few years ago, was tough to cut through the pot smoke ( I dont care if folk smoke but it was overwhelming), probably 20 fights in the stands, 10 streakers across the floor (one driver dragged a guy down and layed the boots to him, got a good cheer from the crowd as they hit the all power kill switch if an unauthorized person enters the driving arena, the drivers were getting pissed off), an effing gong show here in Vancouver, I think that would have been uhm, 2002). dunno if its like that in your neck of the woods.
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PPE for monster trucks I guess....
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sweet. Looking forward to streakers getting run over as Paul had mentioned too.
the first one was a laugh, after that it got boring, after the 8th or 9th they said over the PA "if we get one more streaker the event will be stopped, no refunds." I think there was one more but thats about it. they should have run one over, that would likely have stifled the rest.
It's a zoo!!! Been to a couple, years ago. Ear plugs are a MUST!!!! Paitence is a must if it's televised, they will shut it all down for the comercials.
And STUPID people will abound!! You will never have thought there were so many stupid people!!!
All in all, it's a decent time, but I think it's way over priced for what you get.
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$25 adult $12 for kid. Its a small arena, I'm surprised its even here.

Thanks for your replies.
I saw one at the ARCO arena in Sacramento in about 2000 or so. My parents took my kid and me and a buddy of his as that is what he wanted to do for his birthday. I think you are supposed to be a felon to enter. The sound of the motors is incredible. Sent chills up my spine.
I took my 5 yr old to one last yr. It was in a small arena too. Nothing spectacular.

The best part was the time they let the 'wannabe' monster trucks in to do their thing. Shade tree mechanic monster trucks. One guy had an old D-50 that he could hardly keep running. they almost had to push him off the track. that got quite a laugh.

Plugs or muffs. it is loud.
bring ear plugs

Yup... especially if it is inside an enclosed arena.

When we still had the Kingdome in Seattle, the monster tucks and tractor/truck pullers were so loud they used to loosen the insulation on the roof during their pulls/races, and it would look like it was snowin' in the dome.

They have come a long way since just smashin' cars durin' intermission at the tractor/truck pulls.

To me they are a little boring now... but anything with 2 or 4 wheels and lots of horsepower can't be bad right?

They're not too bad... However, when Supercross bikes were all 2 strokes... Holy cow would that arena fill with smoke.

Now they are damn near all runnin' 4 strokes... so, no smoke.

But you can smell the race fuel in the air... It's like fine perfume to the trained nose. :)

Yah, I've been to the monster trucks before, frigging awesome. This Friday though I'm gonna be watching freestyle motocrosser's (indoors) and a dude is gonna do a backflip :O
Is this what youse guys are talking about?

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I hate monster trucks. I would just go to the shows to watch my buddy perform in the freestyle motocross. Luckily they separated the 2 and only did the motocross. Squish, last year my buddy did a show up there in Canada. I wonder if it's the same one your going to. Unfortunately he won't be there this year, he passed june 2nd.

I think this pic is from when he was in Canada, wonder if its the same arena?


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Hmm if they only hit one place in Canada it probably wasn't here. I was impressed that they're coming here. Yah I think of your buddy everytime I hear about freestyle mx now, rip to your friend Brendon. May he find the peace he was looking for.

Good friends are hard to come by, I've lost a couple myself. All we can do is honor them by never forgetting them.
Brendan I googled the merit glass phone number on the sign in the stadium and it comes back to Guelph Ontario, thats north of Detroit, sorta. and RIP to your bud too man.