Midwest Flooding

Not here Gigi, but eveywhere around me is flooded, it stopped raining yesterday, Most of the streams and rivers have crested and are now going down. I wiil see if I can find some pics to post. Hers a list of the road closures in my area.
Several roads in St. Louis County closed due to flooding

09:20 AM CDT on Friday, March 21, 2008

The following is a list of St. Louis County road closures due to flooding, effective Friday, March 21, 2008, at 6:00AM:

Charbonier (Riverbend Estates to Teson Road)

Augustine (near Georgianna)

Palisades (near Crest)

Eureka Road (near the County line)

Hunters Ford (St. Stephens Road to Sheerin Road)

Franklin Road (near Dozier Crossing)

Sheerin Road (Meramec Vista to Hunters Ford

Marshall Road (Timberbrook to the floodgate)

Tree Court Industrial (Marshall to Scarlet Oak)

Horneker Road (Sheerin to Wengler)

Yarnell (near Soccer Park Road)

Vance (Highland Village to the floodgate)

Allen Road (near Lewis)

Meramec Station (near Hwy 141)

Soccer Park Road (near Yarnell)

Hillsboro Road (Meramec Station to Forest 44)

Smizer Mill (Meramec Station to Meramec Meadows)

Crescent (Riverside Farm to Allen)

Butler Hill Road (near Summerhedge Place)

Meramec Bottom Road (Hagemann Road to Hwy 121)

Hawkins Road (near Meramec Bottom)

Meramec Bottom Road (Wells Road to Kerth)

Wells Road (Suson Woods to Meramec Bottoms)

Old Baumgartner Road (Brookstone to Whispering Ridge)

New Baumgartner (Heintz Road to Bridge)
Here's some pix, these places are not to far from me.


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