Master Climbing Saddle


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Mar 6, 2005
Well first off I wanna say thanks to Jonny H for sending it to me, sweet!

Now I gotta ask "How the heck does it stay up on your waist when a 200 is hanging from it?" I mean, WTFOMG there's no central gut buckle to cinch up.

Am I missing something? :?
Butch, You cinch the friction buckles on each side....and the Master sucks at holding up a saw unless you wear suspenders.
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Yea, I figured suspenders were necessary but what do people w/o suspenders do??? It's almost like they shoulda been automatically included with the saddle at purchase.

the Master sucks at holding up a saw unless you wear suspenders.

Heck, so what is it supposed to be for? Rec climbing???
Butch, some men have protruding buttocks. I don't understand it either but it is true.
Your master saddle has no gut strap? I have a master deluxe and love it, just got it last dec. It has a gut strap and have no problems carrying a saw. I have thought about suspenders but have not "needed" any as of yet.

Can you post a picture? is it an older version?
I found on the master that cinching it down where it was uncomfortable on the ground works best for me.

It seems to sit in just the right spot when I get tied in.

Damn difficult buckles though.
Yep, I have the MII and I cinch it up as snug as it'll go. I took off the plastic buckles that adjust the leg strap length and just sewed it to the right length. That makes it a lot more jewel friendly

The side buckles I think are very easy to use, as long as you are small enough to not have to re thread them ever.

I had a Medium sized Master Classic and even with it cinched all the way it slid off my butt with a saw on it. I'm a Butterfly II zealot.
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Well then, that's pretty crazy of them selling it as a work saddle. No wonder Jonny gave me his. I'm gonna put suspenders on it and see how I like it then.
Butch, Most of the "new generation " of saddles have a tendency to slide off those of us who qualify as buttless. The Weavers let you just suck in your gut and cinch it tighter. To be fair I can do that with a Master or a NewTribe also....but somehow it is harder to get things as tight and, the newer designs are slicker on the interior-fewer seams , rivets and bulges plus most are just nylon so they tend to slide. However when you are hanging in them advantages over the old faithfuls become evident. BTW Buckingham does over a Master with tongue and grommet buckle style waist belt as a special order option.
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Justin, gimme a link to that pic you posted of your Master. I can't remember what thread it was in.
Indeed. I remembered the original Master had fewer attachment points than the Master II but I thought it had something below the top of the waist belt. If you like it ,great but unfortunately that one won't let you check out the bridge options and variable balance points like a II or 3.
Butch, you've got the Master I with small d-rings (not even the medium, let alone large). You have to loosen the friction buckles behind the d's when you step out of it, and then tighten the hell out of them when you get back in. Adding a tongue buckle belt was one of the big improvements when Buckingham came out with the deluxe master last year. You could try out the elastic suspenders if you've got a pair, but those can also be difficult to get in & out of. The new deluxe series add-on suspenders are much better in that respect, and a lot more comfy. Also, they don't make your saw bounce with every step like the elastic ones do.
Just fyi to anybody whose ever had a problem with a leg loop saddle crunching their nuts - most of the time you can keep this from happening by loosening the leg straps so that they fall farther down on your legs instead of riding right in your crotch. You don't have to have the leg straps tight - looser is usually better with leg loops. Same goes for the leg straps on a butt strap saddle.
Just think, if all this improvement continues in a few years new saddles will have a cup holder on one side and an oral pleasure button on the other.:D