Look at what I got for $60

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Koa Man

A new set of Klein climbers, never used from a retired lineman. He had 2 sets issued in his career and never used this one. Saw it on Craig's List this morning, but did not have time to get it and was hoping he would still have it after I got done working. Picked it up at 8PM tonight. He said 2 other guys had called and said they would be able to come tomorrow. Too bad for them. It has the pole gaffs which I and all the other tree guys I know use. Replacement gaffs alone are running around $57 now. Bottom straps about $20. I consider this a steal.

I look at Craig's List tools section every morning and evening for deals.


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im glad you posted, i went to craigs list and stihls bt45 drill for 200 bucks!
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Sweet! Heavy, but sweet nonetheless!

Kleins were the first climbers I bought more than 20 years ago. I then tried Stringer-Brooks [also heavy] but they did not stick into palms very well and sold them after 2 months. I then picked up a set of Bashlin aluminum climbers, very light compared to what I had been using. The Bashlins were pretty good, but also would not stick into palms as good as the Kleins. I sold them after 3 years and have been using the old style Kleins like in the picture for the past 5 years.

Coconut palms that have been gaffed thousands of times become hard like rock and I like the Kleins best.
I can attest to the hard as a rock bit. On the hard ones you might get 1/4-3/8" penetration, if that.

Good job Wesely!
That's a great buy, Wesley...now you need to loose those nasty torture chamber L pads and get a nice set of caddie pads!
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I have the velcro pads on my current set. I tried caddy pads, but sold them and went back to the velcro ones which I like the best. I actually bought this set with the intention of reselling them for double the price. I think I may already have a buyer. Less than a week ago I had someone ask me if I had extra set I wanted to sell.