Just Bikes. Mountain or Road Post them HERE!!

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Mental! Love the way they were hitching tows.

Serial Killer by the Prodigy was the first tune, was the second Nirvana from the Bleach album?
Think I'll just stick to nice, safe activities...like felling burnt out cat-faced old growth pondos...with fire in the top hollows...at night...on 70 percent slopes...you know, things not quite so risky ;) .
looks like absolute carnage, riding in towns can be soo much more fun, skipping through traffic and cutting up cars. pity edinburgh is soo small

this is what the woods 15 minutes away look like, world renowned north shore, north vancouver.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVioCe-3RUU (not embeddable sorry)

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found another. I have been at Whistler in the summer, they turn the mountain in to a bikers paradise, most times of the day their is like 80 to 100 bikers waiting at the bottom of the gondola (lift) quite something to see.

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Wicked Paul. I lived in Whistler for two summers about 10 years ago. It was a blast except for the fact that we working. Our boss would put us up in a ski lodge and like 10-14 of us would have our own huge house all summer. Wild times but even with free rent I could barely afford to live there.:D
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They have some trails in the mountains in Colorado that are just insane. People die every year biking on them. My Bro who lives there loves it. You can catch more air than I care to experience with out my saddle & rope.
got a bike that I loaned to a buddy a couple years ago back. :) and the stationary trainer that it hooks up to. Basic bike, Kona Hahanna from about 1999 or 2000.
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Nothing wrong with that. For the type riding I do a hard frame is best.
P, I'ts time to experience the dark side of.......Suspension!!!!!:D
on the seventh day...god created shocks...ere, uh maybe it was ragdolls!
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No biffy, I have a second bike, full suspension rocky mountain spice, their lower end bike but capable of more than I intend to throw its way. That one is up at the inlaws in their crawlspace :( I think I need to get one of them trailer units for junior to tag along in, then the wife can ride the hardtail and I can get back on my bump absorber ;)

Those videos are sick riding man, wow. Its a shame that I live so close to some of the best trailriding in north america and dont use it. :(

my next bike will look something like this one, Kona stinky dee luxe

or a Norco freeride shore 1, anyone got $4500 bucks they dont need? :D

or a Rocky mountain RMX :D I could go on....

and my vid addition to get you winter weather housebounds revved:
Whistler mountain ski resort, about 2 hours north of me, in summer they turn the mountain over to the bikes, there is some SICK stuff and CRAZY ASS riders up there. Fortunes are spent on gear and bikes, its unreal.
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