It's about time for another free gear raffle


Woods walker
Mar 7, 2005
Western Oregon
Okey dokey, kids. Here's your chance to score a set of three brand new plastic felling wedges. These are made in the USA, by the Double Taper Wedge Co. They are big tree wedges, PNW specials :D , just over 12 inches long by 3 3/8ths inches wide and providing 1 3/8ths inches lift.

I'll cover shipping to the lucky winner.

I'll draw a winner in one week, mid day PST on Friday Dec. 7...Pearl Harbor Day.

Here's a pic, though not a very good one; for some reason the exposure is weird...
Heck ya I'm in...those sure are'nt for falling pecker poles.
Definetly in, they'd look real snazzy along with my blue ones. Most all of the white wedges I've ever seen have got a red strip painted on 'em, for finding in the snow I always figured.
you mean the redheads:P i think thats what i buy as discards from the local metal recycler. 3 or 4 bucks a piece
Cool and here I thought my illicit FS cache in my garage would dwindle into nothing.
Shoot yeah, I'm game. I've started using wedges and am impressed with how useful they are. Here's my gang...yours will fit right in.

And, Nick, here is my answer to your other thread...3 lb. hammer.
Wedges that big might be illegal in Pennsylvania...
,but what the heck, I'M IN!

Thanks B