Itchy arse trees.

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My vote, the Hop-hornbeam.


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Juglans nigra! Had a damn rash for almost 3 weeks! Itched like PI, and nothng would stop it.
We did a street of Plain trees (years ago) at the wrong time of year..

I had to close the highway, the itchy "fluff" from the seed pods got to 4 feet high all over the road..

Pistasio (sp?)- burning pines trees - champhor laural (if chipping it)
I need to get ya'll some tasty cheese to go with all this whining...


One of my best memories of the USA was Wendy's cheese sauce.. on fries..

Some would be great right now, oh, with a )real) beagle and cream cheese... YUM...

Is this the cheese thread??
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Brazilian pepper tree.


Birch trees when they go to seed.
Chipping bay trees is like being under a chemical weapons attack. I have removed my earplugs and stuffed them in my nostrils before.

Tan oaks? There can't be too many of those left after SOD got most of them.

Camphor is bad to chip as well.

As for climbing nothing gets me as badly as plane trees. Black walnut comes close as the sap burns my skin.
It ain't a tree per se, but trimming leather-leaf Viburnum makes my skin crawl.
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It ain't a tree per se, but trimming leather-leaf Viburnum makes my skin crawl.

Damn straight! I forgot about those little buggers...

When cleaning them up and carrying to the chipper, I would be gagging on the little white fiber dust. Nasty stuff.


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I remember back in my nursery days I had to move a bunch of potted leatherleaf viburnum, got a rash on my arms and sneezed like heck for a while. That and Oleander gets me immediately.