I could sing you a lullaby if it would help?

Or even better, how about Sarah Maclachlan? This one used to put Haley down as a baby.

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Strnge that you posted this tonight. I normally sleep very well but tonight I awoke just before 4am. Wide awake. Looks like I'll be napping later today.
I've fought it all my life."Too tired too sleep", too wound up and can't get the brain to shut off, trying to resolve the next days problems etc. Then with all my recent hour changes, it's gotten much worse!
I even went in and had a sleep study done. Had to go twice because I didn't sleep the first night. They concluded I would wake myself up 25 times an hour from snoring. $600 later, I have this thing that looks like two mouth gaurds glued together that all I do is spit out when sleeping:lol:
Just occasionally here. Usually I fall asleep with in 10 minutes and don't wake up until the sun starts coming up.
Yup... quite a bit. Every few nights, the brain just won't hibernate.. keeps rebooting.

Sucks hardcore.
I usually put on a sneaker to quiet my restless foot syndrome. It feels like bugs crawling around under the skin.
My wife says I snore, but I know it's not true. I've woke up to check several times, and sure enough... no snoring.

Maybe she has insomnia?
No troubble falling asleep, once head is on pillow I am out of the game!
Problem is other stuff... I rarly sleep more than 3-4 hrs, then it is up walk about, do something or in other way's distrakt, then back to bed again. If lucky I get 2-3 hrs more, if not it is just to get up and do something else.

Mid day nap is good, but can be a substitute so I try to avoid it as much as i can....
I suffer from restless leg syndrome. It makes getting to sleep difficult. I used to hit the hay and be sleeping in 5 minutes.

I have that also but I can only remember once that it bothered me in bed. Gets me in the movie theater and if I'm driving late at night.
Movies are bad for me too, not that I go to them often.

Butch put it pretty good about the creepy crawlers and also muscle spasms and twithces. It seems to run in cycles. ( the sleep disruption part)
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Well here we are again, it's 4am, and i'm thinking that there is no rest for the wicked............
Reading will usually do it for me. It takes my mind off whatever is keeping me awake as I try to focus on what I'm reading. Then after a while the letters get blurry and my eyes get heavy and then it's morning and I've dropped the book and lost my page.
Several years ago I had horrible sleeping habits. I was constantly fretting over trying to force myself to go to bed at a certain time in order to get up at the appointed time the next morning. Then I read something somewhere that completely changed my thinking on the matter.

Forget about setting a bed time, just set your wake up time and stick to it. I've been getting up at 6:30 every day for 4-5 years and no longer worry about what time I go to bed. If I stay up too late one night then I'll be tired and go to sleep earlier the next night. But my wake up time never varies, even on weekends and holidays. I no longer go to bed and stare at the ceiling wide awake for hours. I stay up until I'm tired, then go to bed and I'm usually asleep within 5 minutes. If I'm not tired then I get back up and do something else.

For me, the mental fretting over 'staying up too late past my bedtime' would keep me awake all night. But eliminating the bedtime allows me the ability to relax and get to sleep.
For the few times I have a bout of insomnia....I'll take a 'Benadryl' tablet. It's got the same drug as the OTC 'sominex' and such.
Pete, for what it's worth....going on the computer, or tv is NOT a good idea if you're trying to go back to sleep. It stimulates parts of your brain that makes it more difficult to go back to sleep. A book is better....and keep the lights low.