If Petzl Can Vent...


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Mar 6, 2005
So can the Blaster! :/:


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Thats using you're melon Butch!!!!!

Laugh all you want, I used a BMX bike helmet today whe I was climbing. Nice and cool with the two open slots across the top, and anything small enough to fall through, isn't going to kill me!
It may not be the best option, but after HAVING to wear a hardhat every minuete I am on the clock, I like a little comfort when I am off the clock!
its still fishing to post it there, panties will be high like kid hung on the fence:)
Petzl will not only watch the drill temp. but also calculate the location and closeness of the vents to minimize strength loss etc. from the change in the structural integrity.

Of curse all whatever claims and warranties are void after any self modification; not that they'd be able to wriggle out of whatever anyway.