Ice Tail

peter, i was told so....not sure if no_bivy is referring to the splice itself or the cord as a hitch cord, if the latter i totally agree.
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Not interested in using it as a hitch cord really, had some other applications in mind, from looking at the stuff i'd imagine its pretty much as useless as tenex for hitches
Peter, Hello and welcome.
Yes you can use "tenex splices". The Icetail isn't horrible as hitch cord but I wouldn't buy it for that again.
Um, fairly certain that Ice Tail is a high mod. line, thus requiring a class II splice (like Beeline's core) as opposed to the standard poly, class I splice Tennex uses.
Yes, Carl is correct. However i generally do locked Brummel Splices in Tenex and they work very well in Icetail also. I think of it as the same but in terms of simple buries the Icetail is too slick to use the same formulae as Tenex.
LJ is right, Class II. But it's still basically a locked brummel for eye splices with a long bury.

Anti-Bivy is also right, it's not so hot for split tails... picks and glazes easily. If you by it from Sherrills, take the plastic filler cord out, that's just for their grizzly splices.