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Werks 4 da Man

My buddy just came up to me and tried to tell me there are places in Oregon that never get colder than 35F.

Sounds a little fishy to me. Inform a poorly educated Arky,

As the crow flies I live about 150 miles south of the Oregon border,,,, right on the coast. I can say with some qualification that there are the odd years we do not get frosts. But you don't have to go far inland to see it. A mile or two. The ocean influence is a great thing.
Perhaps in the most southern part of the Oregon coast, right on the beach, down there by Brookings. But I doubt even there that it has NEVER gotten below 35 degrees.

Twice in my 30 years here, I've seen snow fall and stick right on the beach, and I have seen ice on the edges of the fresh creeks running across the sand to the salt other times.

It's not usual on the oceanfront for it to get to 35, but it does happen...and that is a very, very narrow strip. Uplands rise fast from the ocean, and it's snow country in the coast range every year.