Hawaii vs Georgia in Sugar Bowl

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Koa Man

As all of you college football fans know, Hawaii will be playing SEC powerhouse UGA in the Sugar Bowl. Most of the college football message boards are dissing Hawaii for getting into the BCS because of their weak schedule and not playing in a "real" conference. Many figure Hawaii will be blown out by at least 30 points. I think UH has a good chance of beating UGA if they don't shoot themselves in the foot like they do a lot of times.

Who do you think will win the Sugar Bowl? Does UH have a chance? I have never bothered to watch a UGA game, although now I wish I did.
KOA, having family in GA, you might think I would pull for UGA, but my dad is a Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech...........so I will pull for Hawaii. (besides, their dawg is ugly :lol: )Those GA boys will not know what to think when they hit your beautiful island.
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UH will have to fly 12 hours to get to New Orleans. UGA is almost playing at home. A lot of Hawaii fans will be there, 14000 tickets sold out in 1 day, all bought by season ticket holders. Gen. public did not and will not have a chance to purchase tickets in the Hawaii section.
I will definitely be routing for Hawaii if I remember there's a football game on. You guys have a good team. BSU and Hawaii both have weak schedules and it hurts both of them.
Dude, sorry they only play highschool teams. J/K

Georgia is not playing almost at home. Those guys will get more razzing than Hawaii will any day. Football is taken way too seriously here in the south for Georgia to get off easy.

Having said that........ if they get blown out by Georgia there is a lot of other teams that could beat them.

I'm just hoping WE take down Missouri. WOO PIG!!!!!

The funny thing for our team here, Boise State, is that since we lost to Hawaii we will now be playing a bowl game in Hawaii.
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If I were Boise State and had a choice of playing a bowl game at home or one in Hawaii, I would take the free trip to Hawaii. I will be rooting for Boise State in the Hawaii Bowl.