Gustav Storm Damage Pics


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Mar 6, 2005
Here's a few. Some of these I worked on and some I didn't.


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Looks eerily familiar, Butch. :cry:
What's worse is that within a month, people will be wanting you to cut down more trees that weren't damaged from the storm. There will be almost as many casualties from arborphobia as there were from the storm.
Lots of tension in some of those limbs. Looks pretty easy to get a saw stuck, or worse. No sense telling you to be careful, since you've done it all, but still, BE CAREFUL!
Nothing wrong with that. And jackpots will keep ya thinking on your feet, days will go by fast.8)
MB, I'm just curious, in a situation like that, do you wait for the phone to ring, or do you go out and inform people of your services?

With all the work, must be a lot of tree cutters popping up out of nowhere?
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For sure.

I work for several local tree services. I don't go out looking for work, for the most part.
Butch, many times I will call my regular guys and just say "I'm open on this day and this day" and they will book me in, then they will work their schedule to make use of my services. It's something I do to help generate a little work when I'm slack, or to try and accommodate several clients when things get busy.
Must be kind of fun in a way. We had a huge fire (oakland fire storm). During the clean up I was able to smash stuff which ordinarily I would never be able to. Folks kind of expected it.
We never have had that kind of widespread tree damage around here. I imagine the ground is all soaked as well. How much rain did you get?
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I think around six inches. We had been in a drought, that saved a lot of trees.