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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
ok so i broke down mine. first 2 shots show the end play rb was talking about. it didnt go away.
pics 5 and 6 show some slop on lowest gear.


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both mine have some play.....I wouldn't worry... I think Darin had a good idea about covering the winch itself in a bag or old "bowling ball bag"....
Try a Salvation Army store or thrift store. I have seen them there before
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yeah, just saw dust, think i have an extra bag lady bag, that might be a good grcs sack
Heck I'd just get a duffle or something (if I had a GRCS you elitist snobs!) before I sacrificed a kick ass rope bag.8)
when you say slop in the lowest gear I presume you mean up and down movement not side to side which would be bad. I am not familiar with the Harken you have but every other NEW winch that I have played with has up and down play in all gears AND drum. All forces should be applied at 90% (or actually 80-85) so this isnt a factor. If you have any side to side it would be bad. As you bearings appear OK I guess it would sudgest the brass tower is deformed.........
Seems unlikely with the way these things are built, man they are nice. Ive been playing around with "solid works" an engineering program and it is so cool to see how forces are distributed around different shapes. Low stress areas Kinda corresponds to where the cutouts are on the winches...... go figure
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the gear slop seems to be a worn bushing maybe. moves like a lady walking viewed from behind:D
Do you know what a bearing looks like which is 'burnt'?
Look for blueing marks on the roller bearings. Also excessive play in the races (metal holding the bearings)

Take the entire tower apart, and check each fit of the gears as you re-assemble.
It may be that it is something as simple as the final screw inserted into the fairlead not being seated or tightened correctly

Hope this helps
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here ya go darin


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Thanks Willie I appreciate it.

We broke the pig tail off today in our second day using the GRCS. I had a good size piece of wood almost straight below the block. It was holding on by a hair and I need the guys to crank it up one inch and it would swing loose in a mellow swing. I am not certain what I told them but they both pulled on the rope straight away from the GRCS and bent off the pig tail where it is welded to the frame. I hope we don't break anything else anytime soon.
you hit the pigtail? or they put the rope back in the tailer and started cranking? Ooops.....winch head OK?
It sounds like they 'forgot' that they had a winch and simply grabbed hold of the rope above the GRCS and tried to yank it up by hand, thinking they could 'pull up' the limb.
What Brian said they tried to pull up the piece with brute force instead of cranking it up.